Dunedin Courier Company Schedule of Service

Dunedin City & Suburbs

Standard service within 90 minutes: 1 ticket
Sub 60 within 60 minutes: 2 tickets
Sub 30 within 30 minutes: 3 tickets
Sub 15 within 15 minutes: 4 tickets


Mosgiel area only: 1 Ticket
Rapid address check courier office
Departs on the half hour 4x daily: 9.30am 11.30am. 1.30pm. 3.30pm.
Please phone by quarter past the hour


Portline: 1 Ticket
Departs twice daily: 11am. 2pm.
Please phone by quarter to the hour

Mosgiel and Portline

Sprint Service: 4 Tickets
Outside normal run


Waldronville: 2 Tickets


Brighton: 4 Tickets

Macandrew Bay

Macandrew Bay: 4 Tickets

Road Runs

Price on Application
These are a direct delivery of consignments to any practical destination by road. Anything from a single critical document to a van load of product.

National and International Deliveries

Contact us for more information. Dunedin Courier Company regularly contracts to deliver goods on a national and international service.

Prepaid tickets available in books of 20 or as a casual clients. Call us on 03 477 3838 for our latest prices.