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Dunedin Couriers

Fast, Flexible and Reliable Delivery Around Dunedin Since 1991

The Dunedin Courier Difference

Providing Dunedin with fast, reliable and flexible delivery for over 30 years


We are fast. Really fast. Only the Dunedin Courier Company can guarantee delivery to Dunedin City and suburbs in under 15 minutes with our Sub15 service. Give us a try.

Flexible 24/7

Need a package delivered at 3am on a Sunday morning? No problem. The Dunedin Courier Company offers a full courier service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We are flexible and avaliable to cater to your requirements.


Your package is important. We’ll get it delivered where and when it’s needed, safe and sound. We’ve been keeping our customers happy for over 30 years, with proven quality and consistent reliable service.

About Us

The Dunedin Courier Company was launched in December 1991. Since then we have been meeting the transport needs of businesses and organistaions in Dunedin with quality care and commitment. 

Schedule of Service

Prepaid tickets avaliable in books of 20 or as a casual client. Call us on 03 477 3838 for our latest prices

Dunedin City and Suburbs

Standard service within 90 minutes: 1 ticket

Sub 60 within 60 minutes: 2 tickets

Sub 30 within 30 minutes: 3 tickets

Sub 15 within 15 minutes: 4 tickets


Mosgiel area only: 1 ticket

Rapid address check courier office

Departs on the half hour 4x daily: 9:30am, 11:30am, 1:30pm, 3:30pm

Please phone by quater past the hour


Portline: 1 ticket

Departs twice daily: 11am, 2pm

Please phone by quarter to the hour

Mosgiel and Portline

Sprint service: 4 tickets

Outside normal run


Wardronville: 2 tickets


Brighton: 4 tickets

Macandrew Bay

Macandrew Bay: 4 tickets

Road Runs

Price on application. 

These are a direct delivery of consignments to any practical destination by road. Anything from a single critical document to a van load of product.

National and International Deliveries

Contact us for more information. Dunedin Courier Company regularly contracts to deliver goods on a national and international service. 


“We’ve found the Dunedin Courier Company to consistently provide a timely and friendly service. They are professional and easy to deal with. I would recommend them to anyone needing a local Dunedin courier.”

J Smith, Dunedin Public Hospital

Dunedin Couriers

Satisfaction Guaranteed

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(03) 477 3838